Ongoing commercial applications with reduced delays by Safety Nets NZ

Safety at heights is one of the fundamental concerns of the Labour Group of Ministry of Building Innovation and Employment (MBIE) now WorkSafe NZ.

Safety Nets NZ addresses these concerns with a proven, cost effective service that provides commercial construction sites throughout the country with high quality safety netting fall protection systems.

We are the country's largest safety netting company with a nationwide network of installers managing over 1000 successfully completed projects to date.
We have the largest quantity of safety nets available in New Zealand – over 150,000m2 – and are the only company doing commercial safety netting to such an extent. Combine this with an experienced support staff and the most qualified riggers with Site-safe, 1575 working at heights training and EWP training and you begin to understand why we are many construction companies preferred supplier of height fall protection systems.

Operating at such a level provides us efficiencies of scale and means we are more competitive than other smaller rivals – the benefits of which we are happy to be able to be pass on to our customers. We manage a tailor-made job control software that allows multiple users to load jobs that our installers are able to view remotely, ensuring that all jobs and locations are managed with optimum efficiency.

Extensive fall protection experience on
Commercial construction sites

Our extensive workforce, vehicles, safety netting and componentry allow us to respond quickly to any size or type of project ranging from a small net in-garage extension to 10,000m2 of commercial roofing that needs to be installed in a hurry using multiple teams in cherry pickers.
We have designed and engineered netting solutions for a multitude of projects including:-

  • walkway edge protection nets under the Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • vertical nets 60m underground in the Vector power supply tunnels
  • nets in the bell tower at the War Memorial in Wellington
  • Mainfreight building re-roof at the airport (12000m2 without disrupting the warehouse below)
  • Tauranga Events Center new build
  • Glen Innes swimming pool re-roof
  • Carter Holt Harvey 14,000m2 re-roof

Fast turnaround - Getting you up and running in no time

Enquiry response time is a maximum of 24 hours. We have devised a m2 formula for different types of safety net installation so generally we can provide an estimated cost over the phone. We operate our own scissor lifts to ensure that we are not dependent on external access equipment suppliers. However we also have extensive experience with all types of access equipment and have established national supplier agreements to ensure we can always source plant when necessary.

Safety Nets NZ's promptly and expertly installed fall protection systems

  • are a cheaper and quicker alternative to other products available
  • allow work to carry on underneath
  • guarantee soft fall landing which minimises harm
  • can used in conjunction with plastic overlay and debris nets to contain debris / asbestos / water-tightness

An example of the advantages of Safety Nets NZ's fall protection systems in action is the nets we installed under a re-roof at the Glenbrook Steel Mill that would have been impossible to make safe with scaffold. It would have stopped steel production and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our simple and effective solution allowed work to carry on underneath with a fraction of the expense to the company.

Our work in the commercial sector also continues to grow, with one particular project underway that shows the flexibility of the safety netting solution.

We have recently installed nets in the National War Memorial Carillon (Bell Tower) in Wellington for Fletcher Construction, with the nets being purpose made to fit in the tower without impacting on the bells themselves. It is a very intricate and involved netting solution, but one that will ultimately increase safety for the team that looks after the bells on a daily basis.


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