Debris & Asbestos Containment

Arrest and contain falling objects Debris and containment netting is safety netting specifically designed to catch and contain falling debris and objects on your project site. Safety Nets NZ provides you a full design, engineering, installation & certification service including the rental of the netting solution – leaving you to carry on with peace of mind. Our debris netting solutions are ideal for:

  • Asbestos containment
  • Demolition & Construction
  • Bridges/Long spans
  • Fitouts/Renovations
  • Historical structures & Public spaces
  • Reroofing of existing buildings
  • Unique/High risk environments

Safety above and below your worksite from one safety net solution

During construction and renovation projects, falling items such as bricks, building materials, contaminants or dropped tools have the potential to seriously injure pedestrians or cause property damage. Using Safety Nets NZ debris containment solutions prevents these fall safety hazards without disruption to production.

Hows does it work?

Debris containment is achieved in combination with a fall protection solution. A debris netting liner and/or heavy duty polythene plastic is placed inside the personnel safety net. The debris liner helps to catch small falling objects such as tools or demolition materials that might fall through the spaces between the weaving of the personnel net, while the personnel safety netting provides the strength to stop falling heavy objects or personnel. Our system allows work to carry on unaffected.


As the industry pioneer, Safety Nets NZ has developed national standards in association with WorkSafe NZ – ensuring risk from falling objects is minimised on your work site.

Safety Nets NZ benefits your workers

Add a significant level of protection into every job
by establishing a safety net system. Safety Nets NZ leaves you free to concentrate on what you do best – build in safety! Talk to us today about:

  • Ceiling and Roof Containments (like asbestos)
  • Facade Restoration Site Safety
  • Walkway Overhead Protection
  • Private & Public Property Safeguards
  • All-purpose Debris Shielding