What is a Safety Net?

  1. A large net rigged between a person and the ground as protection in a fall
  2. Something that provides (a margin of) protection or security

At Safety Nets NZ we source our safety netting fall protection systems via the worlds leading suppliers of safety netting. All of the safety netting used, complies with the European Standard 1263-1 "Safety Netting".

The nets are made from high tensile, multifilament polypropylene and are knotless.
This form of construction means that the nets are flatter in catenary which reduces fall distance and also reduces the loads on both the fallen and the structure.

Safety nets are a cheaper and quicker to install than the other alternative products available. They offer numerous benefits including:

  • Worker safety
  • Site safety
  • No reliance on worker action
  • Minimal impact on program
  • Ability to continue work in all areas, both above and below the fall protection system simultaneously
  • Leaves builders free to focus on their work

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