WITH THE BEST Fall Protection System

Our safety nets are sourced from the worlds best providers of safety netting. The majority of nets themselves are actually manufactured in Spain by Tecnologia Deportiva, which is Europe's leading net manufacturer. All of the safety netting used complies with the European Standard 1263-1 "Safety Netting".

The European UNE-EN 1263-1 Standard was approved in 1997. The standard replaces UNE 81-650 of 1980 and establishes the minimum requirements with which all safety netting must comply within the EU.

The EN 1263-1 standard also establishes the compliance requirements for the ropes used to fasten and join nets, safely. All safety nets supplied to Safety Nets NZ comply with these regulations.
Any fall nets manufactured to these standards are supplied with test meshes which can be used to test the ageing of the nets without recourse to their removal from service. The test meshes are supplied with a unique registration number that matches the registration number of the net itself, to ensure that we are able to track each individual safety net.

Each net supplied can be identified by a label which displays the following unique information.

  • The name of the manufacturer
  • The address of the manufacturer
  • Type of safety net
  • Dimensions of safety net
  • Registration Number
  • Date of manufacture of the net.

The nets are made from high tensile, multifilament polypropylene and are knotless.
This form of construction means that the nets are flatter in catenary which reduces fall distance and also reduces the loads on both the faller and the structure.
Our team of rigging installers and supervisors are FASET trained and certified. FASET is the trade association and training body for the safety net rigging and fall arrest industry, worldwide.


Our fully qualified site supervisors are FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training) trained and are fully certified with regards to rigging, inspection and examination of safety nets.

FASET is a UK based entity that was established as the trade association and training body for the UK and Irish safety net rigging and fall arrest industry.
All of our safety nets comply with EN 1263:1 (2002) Industry Safety Nets and will be used in accordance with the requirements of EN 1263:2 (2002).


At the completion of each to installation the rigger signs off the site specific Handover Certificate to confirm that works can proceed above the net system.

Additional in-house installation audit

Our dedicated in house safety net inspector then inspects installations, on a random basis, effectively assessing the quality and compliance of the net installation, and identifying any issues that might arise. The second inspection is not mandatory to ensure compliance, but has been implemented by Safety Nets NZ to effectively audit safety fall arrest systems deployed for compliance with approved safety net installation standards.