Safety Net News

The team at Safety Nets NZ likes to keep you up to date with recent developments in the field of fall arrest safety net solutions.

Hopefully there are a couple of items included here that you will find of interest.

  • Safety Gear Must Be Fit For Purpose

    Worksafe NZ’s recent investigations into three serious falls reveals one thing they all have in common. Unsafe equipment was the…

    13 2019
  • Safety Net Repairs

    How Do You Repair a Safety Net?

    We are quite often asked about permanent repairs that may have been made to safety nets, the primary questions being: How can…

    18 2019
  • Fall Protection Safety Nets

    Tailor-Made Fall Protection

    VERSATILITY OF NETS, “I’M NOT SURE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO HELP ME, BUT……” It is surprising how often we receive a phone call that …

    15 2018
  • Industrial Debris & Asbestos Containment

    Re-Roofing your Industrial Property? Have you considered our bespoke debris and asbestos containment, fall protection system? T…

    28 2018
  • Safety Netting Compliance

    How to manage compliance of over 10,000 nets for the best possible safety net solution

    Safety Nets NZ has over 10,000 nets in our inventory, thereby ensuring that we are able to satisfy the many varied safety net in…

    23 2018
  • Massey Engineer tests Safety Nets Auckland

    Independent testing confirms integrity of Safety Nets NZ systems

    It may come as a surprise to you that there has never been a formal, fully engineered system certified, anywhere in the world, f…

    31 2018
  • Celebrating 10 Years Safety Netting NZ

    Safety Nets NZ Celebrates 10 Years Saving Lives

    It is hard to believe that October this year marks the 10 year anniversary of the establishment of Safety Nets NZ Ltd. From ver…

    04 2018
  • Fan Netting Fall Protection

    Safety Nets Save Worker in 8 Storey Fall

    You may well have seen netting established around the perimeter of multi story buildings at various times. The nets project beyo…

    19 2018
  • Safety Nets NZ on Radio New Zealand

    Builders urged to set safety net after roof-fall injuries. Builders are being put on notice about the need for secure safety ne…

    23 2017
  • Hibiscus Coast Soccer Supporters Safety Nets NZ

    Giving back to the community

    The team at Safety Nets NZ has long had a philosophy of trying to give back to the community in as many ways as possible. As ex…

    21 2017