Residential Projects - Client Responsibilities and Checklist Following Handover

Inspections should be carried out to ensure that safety nets remain fit for purpose following handover. Clients need to check that the net system remains compliant throughout the period of installation, by visually surveying the system prior to works being undertaken above the net system.

All persons have a duty to inspect the nets on a daily basis, and advise Safety Nets NZ Limited of any concerns.


  • Do the nets have serial number test meshes and a label detailing where and when the net was made?
  • Is the net free from damage?
  • Are any repairs to the net tagged?
  • Is the primary support suitable?
  • Are walls adequately braced ?
  • Are all rope ties /strops/hooks and at maximum of 1.7m centres?
  • Are brackets securely attached?
  • That there are no gaps/voids greater than 100mm.
  • Are additional catenary ropes securely installed in accordance with following criteria :
    1. For walls of stud height 2.1m, to limit maximum short side span to 3.0m?
    2. For walls of stud height 2.4m or more, to limit maximum short side span to 4.0m
  • Is there sufficient clearance below the lowest point of the net?
  • Has any object been introduced to the area immediately below the net?
  • Is there suitable edge protection in place beyond the leading edge of the net or will additional fall arrest measures i.e. harnesses/lanyards be required in these areas?
  • When all the nets are rigged were they handed over with the appropriate paperwork?


  • Do not walk in the nets – safety nets are your best form of fall protection and are NOT to be used as an access device. Walking in, or working from the nets will result in the nets sagging more than the 10% permitted, which may result in an Infringement or Stop Work notice being issued.
  • Do read through documentation provided at handover, including instructions on how to recover a person from the net should they fall.
  • Do report any fall immediately, and complete incident report
  • Do ensure that there is a minimum of 2m clearance below the nets .
  • Do ensure that wall bracing is kept away from centre of room/net clearance zone whenever possible.
  • Do not use saw bench etc… in centre of room/in net clearance zone.
  • Do not use any tools that may produce a spark or flame in the vicinity of the nets
  • Do not allow any debris to fall into the nets – they must be kept free of any materials that could injure a person falling into the nets.
  • Do not alter or adjust nets once Hand Over Certificate has been issued. If additional work to the net system is required following handover, contact Safety Nets NZ Limited immediately. Do not attempt to re-install the net yourself.
  • Do report any damage to, or excessive sagging of , the nets to the installer immediately
  • Be aware that there may be small areas that cannot be protected by nets. Additional protective measures by the builder may be required. Refer to the Handover Certificate before commencing works above nets to confirm area certified.
  • The client will accept liability for any damages caused while the nets are in position
  • If nets remain in position for more than 1 month from date of installation, contact Safety Nets NZ to arrange for nets to be inspected/scanned to ensure ongoing compliance of the nets.

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