Another Innovative Net Solution

Just before Xmas we were approached by the manager of a Spotlight Fabrics store who had an issue with the old building paper that had been installed under the roof sheets deteriorating and flaking such that small pieces of paper were falling onto stock/customers throughout the store.

We were asked if we could come up with a solution, as replacement of the building paper would require roof removal which was obviously something that would have caused significant disruption to the store’s operations in the run up to Christmas, as well as being massively expensive for the building owner.

We sourced white, fine grade mesh netting which we had manufactured overseas to suit the specific purlin spacing of the roof structure, the mesh netting being installed in such a manner that means it will catch any paper that falls, which can then be removed at a time to suit store operations.

The works were undertaken overnight so there was no impact on store activities, and the store manager is delighted with the result achieved, as is the landlord who has had the problem solved in aesthetically pleasing, efficient and cost effective manner.

Although obviously not a fall protection system, the solution shows once again the flexibility of the team at Safety Nets NZ in identifying innovative solutions to client problems.

18 2023